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Ransomware 101 | Cryptorials

2017 was all about ransomware. There was news about the WannaCry attack in May, Petya in June, BadRabbit in October, but do you really know what it’s all about? Let’s make it clear.

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Russian Ministry of Labor: Gov’t Workers Exempt From D… | News

The Russian Ministry of Labor’s updated income, expenses and property declaration guidelines for government employees for reporting on 2017 includes a point about cryptocurrency, local media outlet Izvestia reports. The updated regulations state that government employees do not have to declare “virtual currencies” they obtained.

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Korean Exchange Youbit May Avert Bankruptcy – Members Have 3 Options

Israel Government Considering National Cryptocurrency

Following in the footsteps of Russia and Dubai, Israel is considering offering a national cryptocurrency – a digital shekel – which would correspond in value to physical shekels.

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Cryptocurrency Market Recovering After Massive Correction

The cryptocurrency market is getting back on its feet after a brutal day yesterday. The majority of coins have risen by 10-20% over the last 24 hours after more than a 30% fall on Friday, Dec.22.

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Recently launched WeRaise offers ICO promotion services

World’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange, Bitfinex, Threatens Critics With Legal Action

Bitfinex, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange by daily trading volume, has vowed to pursue legal action against critics including the anonymous blogger “Bitfinex’ed.”

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SEC Isn’t Done with ICOs, Likely to Take “More Actions” Against Them

DropDeck ICO: royalty and debt financing for business, research and tools for investors

DropDeck is a business funding platform focused on fast growing companies and operating on a global scale. It will offer both royalty financing, in which investors have the opportunity to contribute to a business in return for a share in the profits from its success, and also debt financing, in which investors may lend capital to the company and earn interest with the repayments.

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United Traders ICO: Full suite of crypto and mainstream investment products with innovative liquidity solution

United Traders (UT) is a proprietary trading company established in 2009. Employing traders from forty-two countries around the world, it has won multiple awards for its success in the world of traditional finance. With one of the firm’s products already integrating cryptocurrency, and several new blockchain products in the pipeline, United Traders is launching an ICO to raise funds from interested investors.

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