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So-Called Bitcoin Creator Rejects SegWit Activation


Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright announced that his company nChain will form an non-segwit Bitcoin pool, promising to retain 20% of the Bitcoin network.

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How to Successfully Manifest All You Desire

There is in popular writing, and so in people's minds, some confusion over the distinction between creating and manifesting. These words point to two separate and important processes, and so, do not point to the same thing at all. Some of this confusion comes over the fact that the things that we desire to either create or manifest, are the same! But the processes we are using these words to describe most certainly are not. Using them interchangeably would be like using "baking" and "buying" as if they were one and the same action. If we try to bake when we're actually buying a cake, instead of getting the ingredients ready and turning on the oven, then what happens? I do not know, but for certain, no cake shows up! So in every case, if we mistake one simple word for another, clarity sufferers, and in turn, so does our access to the incredible ability we have for manifestation! Since we normally desire to manifest what we want, in real time and space, it would behoove us to clear up our use of this distinction so that we can most effectively manifest our desires.

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How Blockchain Reshapes Online Advertising: Trends

The hype around Blockchain is expanding further as more and more use cases become apparent to the wider business community. Even though it started off as a decentralized substrate for a single virtual currency (Bitcoin), it soon became clear that the technology is applicable far beyond just one cryptocurrency and even beyond financial transactions altogether.

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Decent Launches Global Media Distribution Platform — Bitcoin Magazine

Free and open communication has long been an essential component of a successful democracy. Unfortunately, money, power and influence over time have stifled today’s media environment adversely impacting both content producers and consumers alike.

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Becoming a Hairdresser – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other kinds of types of jobs, profession and career in the world, there are advantages and disadvantages to being a hairdresser. Yet despite the pros and cons, as long as you have the motivation, inspiration and the love for what you do, nothing will hinder you from succeeding as a hair dresser or any other career you choose to pursue.

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The Bisexual Dating Dilemma

Sexual orientation is something that one does not have a choice about and even in this modern world most of us progressive humans have some difficulty in believing that. Even till not so long ago, being gay or homosexual was considered straight out bad. While that perception has somewhat changed today, and there is more acceptanceof gay and lesbians, there is another section of the society that still is a victim of marginalization. We are talking about the bisexual community here.

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What is Ethereum Classic’s ECIP-1025? – The Merkle

Anonymity is very important to a lot of cryptocurrency users. That is rather strange, considering hardly any of the popular cryptocurrencies provide anonymity features as of right now. Ethereum Classic may soon see a drastic change though, thanks to the ECIP-1025 proposal. If this proposal is accepted and activated on the network, ETC users will enjoy a certain degree of anonymity moving forward.

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First ever blockchain real estate project — 3,000 BTC crowdfunded on Waves platform

Web Mining

With the bang of the era of information technology, we have entered into an ocean of information. This information blast is strongly based on the internet; which has become one of the universal infrastructures of information. We can not deny the fact that, with every passing day, the web based information contents are increasing by leaps and bounds and as such, it is becoming more and more difficult to get the desired information which we are actually looking for. Web mining is a tool, which can be used in customizing the websites on the basis of its contents and also on the basis of the user interface. Web mining normally comprises of usage mining, content mining and structure mining.

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Commodity Trading – Advantages and Disadvantages

What Is Commodity Trading?

Commodity futures markets allow commercial producers and commercial consumers to offset the risk of adverse future price movements in the commodities that they are selling or buying.

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